Pauline Hoefer greets you!

An old Frisian farmhouse is located on the "Krümwai", the crooked way of turning from the center of the village from Uasterstigh. On the corner there is a supermarket "Store Bendixen", a small book and gift shop, as well as a beer and coffee garden "Nautilus".


From there you can go directly to the former farm. At this village street are only thatched houses. It is an idyllic corner.


Our house with the number 7 has a wonderful location. It is right on the bay at the Wadden Sea. is the large garden, which offers a unique view of the island of Foehr and Langeness on the east side. And how beautiful and breathtaking are the sunrises, which can be seen from the garden. Whether in high or low tide, any rise is different.


Movies to watch this spectacle of nature to us.


There are 5 apartments available. Whether you are with family, as a couple or also travel alone, there is the best option for everyone.



I wish you a relaxing time with us.


Pauline Höfer

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